[Call for paper] 12th International Conference on Intelligent Human Computer Interaction

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 Invitation for IHCI-2020


Dear Professors and Researchers,


We hope that everything is well on your side in the pandemic situation. As we are heading towards the IHCI2020 conference and also COVID-19 situation in KOREA is improving at a very fast rate. Therefore, we have very high confidence to organize the conference on the date of November 24-26, 2020. We understand that there can be safety concerns regarding international travel, therefore keeping that in mind we are going to organizing the IHCI20 conference as both "On-site" and "Virtual" format so it is encouraged to participate in the conference without the concern of safety.  
We would like to receive several contributions from the professors in the form of a "special session chair", "committee members", speakers, authors. Also, help us to forward this to as-many interested faculty members and students as possible.  I have attached a leaflet comprising of both the "call for paper" and 'special session".  We have updated the IHCI2020 website ( 
http://ihci20k.info/ ) which is going to be held with ROBEX ( https://www.robex.or.kr/eng/ ) at EXCO, Daegu, on November 24-26,  2020  under the publication of Springer LNCS proceedings. 


Have a pleasant day!

General Chairs

Wan-Young Chung, Pukyoung National University, Korea

Dhananjay Singh, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea   




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